So I am really having a hard time keeping up with my promise to do weekly posts, why I wish I knew.. all I do know is that it is very frustrating because sitting down to write doesn’t take that long. So it’s March ALREADY… nuts how times flies.

Keeping with my resolution of this year; out with the bad, in with the good. I am getting rid of fast food, if it has a drive-thru.. adios, I mean I can’t really miss it that much anyways. I tried to indulge in Fat Tuesday yesterday and all I kept thinking about was my delicious avocados and chicken at home, my brain was battling itself trying to get me to eat bad things, but it didn’t work. The good I want to add is every month until the end of the year I want to participate in a race, and for 2 months I have to double up so that I have a total of 12 races a month. Now that my head doesn’t hurt anymore I should be able to get back to running with no issues. I am beyond stoked for this. I also am being a bit ambitious this month and I have decided to hit the workouts hard two-a-days, financially I can only do bootcamp for so much longer so I am trying to make the most of it… hopefully I don’t crash and burn.

Today is Ash Wednesday, if you participate in Lent what will you be giving up until Easter? And even if you don’t what will you forgo or add into your life this month.. let me know.





No Reservations

Happy New Year! (A little late but you know I got started late this year)

It has been so long since I have blogged, yet again, that I was having a hard time sitting down and just writing something.

I have decided that although I do not dig the resolutions that most set for themselves this time of year, mostly because I feel that 99% of resolutions made are never kept or kept for a very short period of time. We set these ridiculous rules or guidelines for ourselves that we honestly do not give ourselves the chance to succeed.

What I have decided is that each month I will either add something positive in and take something unneccesary or negative out of my life. This just seems like a win-win situation if you ask me.

For January I have decided that I need to blog more, 2+ times a week if possible, since having graduated I can tell that there is a decline in my desire to write and my writing skills; blogging will keep me sharp and ready. I also decided to give up sugar.. and I am starting to resemble the alien from Men in Black who wants “more sugar” in his water.. giving up sugar is a crazy, pure crazy and you can’t possibly understand how crazy it is until you do it.. sugar is in EVERYTHING and I mean that literally try finding bread at the market that doesn’t have sugar, your options are very, very small. But I must admit that although I get a little mean minus the sweets I do notice that my body is much happier.

You know how you always hear people say “this is my year”? Well I have also decided that this year is MY year, the year that I get the physical fitness that I have desired for so long but haven’t ever really wanted enough to work for it (blogs on that will totally be happening), a new job or at least a step in the right direction, a new living situation because quite frankly I am too old to be living back at home, and a new mindset. I cannot control everything in the universe, although I will sometimes try this is the year that I let things happen as they will, sit back and enjoy the show while making this year be the year that I become the person that I am meant to be. Oh! I also am all about mending past and present relationships or circumstances that were left in an undesirable manner, I do not want any bad juju or karma in my life.

This is the year of no reservations, getting it done.

What will you do?