I heart tea

In the world of social media today is “Throwback Thursday” soooo I’ve decided to throwback to Italy and the delicious teas that I was so lucky to consume.



I am not sure how or when it happened but over my lifetime I have become a tea fiend; it has actually become a little out of control if I do say so myself. I probably have more tea in my cupboard than I could possibly consume; that would be because I am always buying it.

I kid you not I keep tea in my purse, my car, at work, in my lunch pail, at Marlboro Man’s house. I think it is safe to say I have an addiction.

I am thankful however that I never became a coffee person, the reason I love tea so much is that I find the whole process of brewing a cup to be very relaxing, if not more than the actual consumption of the tea.

I prefer loose leaf tea straight in the cup so that I can chew on the little bits that float around, but I surely do not discriminate against a good bagged tea.

I really love a tea that can stand alone; no sweeteners please!

In this order I love tea: black, green, Rooibos, white, herbal, and Oolong. I have never had Mate teas but I feel that is tea for a person trying to quit coffee. Also never have I ever… had a flowering (blooming) tea; one day.




While in Italy I was introduced or possibly reintroduced to Twinnings Teas; simple and delicious.

Every morning while in Italy my grands and I would go downstairs for breakfast I would have a glass of Twinnings Breakfast Tea with some out of this world Italian honey (I broke my own no sweetener rule, but this honey was phenomenal) and in those moments everything was perfect.

I would love every morning to be transported back to those moments before I have to start my day.