Farmer’s Market


I feel that in all the craziness that is my life right now I have been neglecting my little blog here. I have no idea what direction I am trying to go into tonight so let’s talk about the farmer’s market.

I LOVE farmer’s markets! I went with my friend this past weekend to pick up some fresh eggs (which is new to me, but apparently fresher is better; I didn’t know that applied to eggs as well), he said since I did not participate in the farmer’s marker I couldn’t blog about it but guess what I am blogging anyways. Ha!! I feel that in taking pictures and helping to carry the eggs I partook in the market of farmer’s a little bit (that’s a stretch I know). Had I needed anything I would have bought produce but I had just stocked up in the middle of the week.

Like I said I love farmer’s markets, I love that the people selling you the goods are genuinely passionate about the products that they produce. There is a farmer’s market that I go to in Santa Monica just for the hummus, the hummus is the freshest and most delicious hummus I have ever eaten. The guy who sells it is awesome and he stands behind his product 110%, I LOVE that. When you go to the grocery store the kid throwing the hummus on the shelf could care less about it, same goes for the guy or gal putting the waxy fruit on display as well.

I love buying from local, small businesses, ones that care about what they produce and care about the customer. I know sometimes farmer’s markets can be a little out of the way or whatever but I think given the opportunity everyone should support their local farmers. I genuinely feel that the quality of the products at farmer’s markets are better all around, I could be crazy but I think everything tastes better and is better that comes from there. I cannot wait til this weekend when I can actually partake in the market. I am about 2ish weeks into my green smoothie phase and I am running out of produce so I will definitley be stocking up.