Oil Pulling

IMG_2321So I go through these really vicious phases on Pinterest and recently one of my Pinterest-athons led me to these ‘phenomenon’ of oil pulling.  All the uber crafty Martha Stewart type mom bloggers say to take 1 teaspoonful and swish it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes and the oil will pull toxins from your mouth, help whiten your teeth, help with migraines, and a medley of other ailments.

If you know me I will try just about anything to keep my migraines at bay and getting whiter teeth in the process? Heck sign me up. So I took my coconut oil from the kitchen cabinet and moved it upstairs into the bathroom. (I am sure my grandmother thought some sort of craziness was going on when she saw this, but she still has yet to comment on it.)

So it has been about a month now maybe even 2 since I have been oil pulling; still have the migraines but my teeth and mouth definitely feel more fresh and the oil appears to be keeping the chompers pretty white.

Like I said you take 1 teaspoonful and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes. If my oil is more solid because of the months cooling down I don’t do a full heaping teaspoon because I find that my mouth starts to get sore from the swishing and if the oil has liquified I tend to do a little more than a teaspoonful. Given that bit of information I am not sure why I or anyone else suggests 1 teaspoonful because chances are you will alter it to your comfort level.


I take X teaspoonful and plop it in my mouth before I take a shower so while I am getting all squeaky clean for the day I can oil pull as well; multi-taking at its finest ladies and gentlemen. I cannot tell a lie 20 minutes is a loooooong time when you first start pulling, I read that you should start off with 5 minutes and then go to 10 minutes and keep adding time until you reach 20 because it really is a mouth exercise. But because I am a go-getter I started out with 20 minutes, my jaw was sore but obviously I lived. Okay so swish swish and then when it comes time to spit DO NOT spit it in the sink it will solidify and clog up your drains and chances are that won’t be a pretty thing. I kept an empty jar in my bathroom to spit into and this was a cool and convenient way to get rid of my oil until about 3 weeks into. Whenever I opened the jar the worst smell ever would come out and I wold gag to the point where I would almost throw up. So needless to say I got over the jar quick and just started spitting it into the trash can (make sure your bags don’t have holes in them:) )

Like I said I still have headaches but my teeth and mouth feel better so I will more than likely keep on with the oil pulling, next I want to experiment with oil pulling with essential oils. I have a few oils (I am not yet a crazy oil fanatic) I think I might try that soon. I am not sure if oil pulling is a legit practice in this time but it is oddly fun and now that I have created this habit I just keep on keeping on.

On a slightly unrelated note coconut oil is also super awesome for removing eye makeup and I often use it as a mask on the dry ends of my hair. I love cure-alls and coconut oil seems to be more and more a very practical cure-all.

Until next time




french mani in minutes

If you know me then you know that I am OBSESSED with painting my nails. I think this obsession steams from when I was younger and I would dye my hair every couple of weeks, well now that I am older and wiser 😉 I have decided to not color my hair anymore, so the next best thing is changing my nails every couple of days. Yesterday I went on an adventure to find some gel polish that doesn’t require a UV light (which I did not succeed at), and instead found this little set for French manicures.


I love french manicures, they look simple, clean, and classic. Knowing me you also know that I have a ‘thing’ about hands, I love well kept, polished, groomed hands. It speaks volumes to me. So since I wasn’t able to find a gel polish at Sally’s that didn’t require a UV light I decided to try these out instead. I was honestly a little skeptical because I have tried a couple different products that promise easy, clean french tips but sadly most did not deliver.


For this product and like all nail products you want to start out with clean nails. Right now my nails are so short and I wasn’t sure how this would look but decided it was worth a shot. The process is relatively simple, someone took the instructions out of my box so I went on YouTube for a video of the directions. You file your nails and find the right sized nail tabby, blah blah blah, then apply a little of the supplied nail glue to the corners of the tips of your nails, and glue also to the strip of polish on the nail tabby. Once the glue is applied put the tabby in place. It looks almost like a tip for a fake acrylic nail, and then again it doesn’t. What the tabby is, is a housing unit for the strip of white polish.


The instructions state to push the tab from the inside out to set it, do it about 2-3 times (I honestly did one and then moved to the next and once I placed that tabby I took the previous one off, I was worried that it would take longer to set) Once it sets you clip the tab off and file, apply a base coat and a top coat and voila! easy, fast, French mani


This literally took me all of 10 minutes last night and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The box claims that it will last up to 7 days (we will see about that). This was a pure accidental find, but I am glad I did stumble across it. I do not always have time to sit and paint my nails but I really like the look of polished, groomed nails better. This is now my go-to for a quick french mani.

I bought the French wrap set at Sally’s for $16.50, (http://nailbliss.com/French-Wrap-Plus-Kit.html) the box contains enough nail tabs for 3 applications, as well as the nail glue, top and base coat, oh and a file to prep your nails and file off excess white polish.