Hello 2016

If you are like me (where your week starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday) today marks the end of the first full week of the new year. Today marks the end of a week’s worth of resolutions completed (or possibly not completed or even started). Typically I set New Year’s resolutions but I have decided that for the most part it is not worth it, I’ll keep it up for a good while and then drop it when I’m over it. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy, or easily bored, whatever the reason this year no resolutions were made. I did however decide that this year is the year that I do not want to waste a single day. I want to do what I want and be around the people I want to be around, this year I will follow my gut and do the things that I have wanted to do for so long. So maybe I actually did make a resolution but in the spirit of the way I am I’m being anti-resolution.

With that being said I would like to introduce you to my new planner (I get really excited about things to keep organized). This planner takes each week and breaks it down; what do you want to accomplish, what are you grateful for, quotes to stay on track, and reminders to keep your thoughts positive and other little things to keep your mindful of what you are trying to fulfill in your weekly life, as well as the bigger picture. This planner as they plainly put it on Amazon “other planners help you plan your day, we help you plan your life!” So with the help of this planner I will be planning the life that I want to have and the journey that this will take me on.

The quote for the end of December (which I did not participate in because I didn’t get the calendar until the middle of this week) was: Intend to be at your best this week. I am sure that they set that little staying on track quote up to be inline with the new year and the resolutions to be made but the way I see it just intend to do the best you can in all that you do because we all have a lot of stuff on our plates and sometimes life gets tough but as long as you keep a positive outlook and make the best of every situation (even the bad ones) everything works out in the end (maybe not immediately but it always ends the way it should, because like I always have to remind myself; things happen for a reason).

I would say that I resolve that I will blog more but I know how that will work out so I will just say I intend to do my best at blogging each week and I will remind myself that we make time for the things and people that we want to make time for, even the people who are the most busy make time for the things that they really want to even when they feel like they cannot possibly squeeze anymore into 24 hours.



Jawbone for the win

A couple of months ago I posted about how I got the Jawbone UP activity tracker to help me track my steps and help to keep me on my fitness goals. Well I am still wearing it and loving it everyday and recently I started to love it a little more.

So the tracker has little lights on it; a sun and a moon, and when you switch between functions like sleep, or exercise or when you have an alarm vibration go off the little lights light up. For whatever reason (technology sometimes evades me) the little sun light stopped working and it didn’t really seem to bother me until I couldn’t tell if my band was in awake or sleep mode, or if it tracked my exercise that I logged.

The iPhone app for the band is pretty nifty it has a troubleshooting section and it literally walks you through what might be wrong with your bands (and they include pictures, I found these to be super helpful). So I tried to just troubleshoot my band and see what happened. For awhile the little sun would work and then it stopped working again and I kind of was getting annoyed by it. I get weird about things sometimes, if it’s supposed to have these little lights then gosh they should just work and they shouldn’t die after months of having the band.

So I went back to the app to troubleshoot; no dice, it still wasn’t working. So in the fashion of most websites there was a “contact us” button, I clicked it. Upon clicking the button the next screen was a screen that had all the information about my band: size, color, serial number, etc. I explained the problem that I was experiencing and hit send. Not even within 24 hours a customer service person got back to me and asked me to provide them with my name, address, and store where I bought my band. Again I provided the information and hit send. This time the next response was almost immediate, the customer service person said they were sending me a replacement band. I am not going to lie I felt like I was being tricked, the process was way too easy and smooth. I feel like we live in a world where things just don’t happen like that anymore and that they would want it back to diagnosis it; make sure I didn’t get water in it or something crazy. Nope they just said ok we will replace it… ah-mazing. (I love good customer service)

A couple days later I got a tracking number for my new band, and probably within a week’s time I got the replacement band.



The new band is exactly like my old band but less worn and the lights to the sun and moon are green rather than red. Jawbone also sent a prepaid shipping label so all I have to do is throw my old one in an envelope and call it a day. For the record I haven’t shipped my other one back yet and I kind of feel like a jerk, I don’t what they would do if I didn’t return it since they don’t have any way of charging me for it. I don’t want to find out what would happen, I am going to mail it tomorrow I swear!

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I wanted to write about products I dig and I think are worth the money and for me Jawbone is one of those companies that I would buy from again and again. As far as their products go this is the only one that I own, but I have been interested for sometime in their Jambox speakers. I have friends who own them and love them. And if their customer service for their speakers is anything like what I experienced for the band I would not feel like I had anything to worry about especially since the speaker is a little on the pricey side.

Are their companies that you feel like go above and beyond your expectations? Tell me about them, I love finding out about new companies that are worthy of my hard earned money.