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Warrior Dash was this past Saturday and I am not sure how to even sum it up except to say that it was the most amazing kick in the ass I have experience in such a long time! I was SUPER nervous about doing this race slash obstacle course for a couple of reasons:  I am not that much of a runner like I used to be, this course was coined “hilly” which it was. I had never done an obstacle type race before and I had no idea what to expect. I mean sure the website shows you the obstacles you might face but that is just a picture, it really doesn’t compare with being face to face with a giant mud slide. I also wasn’t sure how the atmosphere would be, some races I’ve been to are super competitive and people are kind of full of themselves.. not this one.

Warrior Dash exceeded my expectations on all accounts. I was super nervous while waiting in the gates to start but once we were set free I realized that I didn’t need to be nervous people were super friendly and also very helpful and encouraging. There was one obstacle I was having a heck of a time with and one guy finished it and waited at the end to high five me once I had finished; nice strangers.. who knew that they existed. The competitive wave was the first wave to go so each wave after felt a little more relaxed but at the same time super charged, people were there to have some good, muddy fun.

I did however expect this run to be a little more messy during the entire thing but it turns out the most muddy part didn’t come until the end when you came face to face with Goliath, an obstacle that you had to climb up and over only to have to slide down a water slide type slide with mud into a mud pit and then swim slash float your way through a mud pool that had looming barbed wire. At the end of the race I literally had mud in places mud shouldn’t be. The people putting on the race offered hoses for rinsing all of that mud off but trust me, it barely made a dent. Had I planned better I would’ve brought a towel to help clean myself off with.

I feel like I am all over the place now, so let me just say… Warrior Dash = AMAZING, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. And if I had planned better I would have brought a towel, a change of clothes, flip flops, extra water, plastic bags for my muddy clothes. The one thing I did plan ahead with was bringing trash bags for my car, I did not need all that mud in my car.

I also have to say that I am rather proud of myself for completing this race, my friend was not able to run it with me so essentially I went by myself, I did have the support of the girls from Bootcamp but I was not about to let the fact that I was running alone stop me. I might have been solo but no part of the race did I feel like I was alone because of the tons of other people that were running the race.

Oh and just an FYI days later and I still feel like someone beat the crap out of me and I have the battle scars, or bruises rather, to prove it.






Warrior Dash

warrior dash


18 days and counting.. yikes!

So I decided this month that I wanted to complete one race every month until the end of the year for April I will be participating in the Warrior Dash which is a 5k slash mud run slash obstacle course; at the end of it all is a celebration and booze, what more could one ask for 🙂

I am not gonna lie I am slightly terrified of doing the Warrior Dash but there is no backing out now, and to top if off I have made Marlboro Man commit to it as well. If he is in I REALLY can’t back out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.18.57 AM

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So those are the obstacles that the website has listed for the dash, I am not sure if each city doing the run has each obstacle or if they only select 10 or 12 for each location, but seriously look at those things they are ridiculous; jumping over fire?! crawling under barbed wire. I completed envision getting my butt burned and losing chunks of hair in the barbed wire. Why would any sane person do this?

When I was getting a haircut yesterday I was telling the girl about the Leprechaun Leap that I did on Sunday and she was telling me how she doesn’t understand why people pay to run (I will admit, I walked the Leprechaun Leap) and I tried explaining it to her but she wasn’t getting it. Why do people pay to run? For fun, for a challenge, what is your reason? For me I pay to run (or walk or jog) for fun, for the camaraderie, but mostly for the challenge of it, to see if I can complete the run and to see if I can make a better time than I last did. I guess people who do not enjoy running cannot understand why runners/walkers/joggers pay to do their thing, just how I cannot understand why people spend money to watch Nascar or golf. To each their own I suppose.

I have to keep it short today I have a hundred things to do but I wanted to get on here and post a little something, I will be back to update about the Leprechaun Leap soon, it was loads of fun regardless of my being sick.

Also if you are interested in signing up for the Warrior Dash here is the website, they hold runs in a bunch of different cities all over the states. They also have the best of kind of dash where the people who placed in the top I want to say 25 all go to one place and duke it out to be the warrior of all warriors (don’t quote me on that title, it sounded legit though).

Oh one more thing I am still looking for races for May and June if you have any in mind please let me know.

Until next time..