Working on my Fitness

So somewhere between October of last year and March, maybe April of this year I went from being a couch potato to this crazy person who got up at 4:30am to go workout, then back to couch potato… well maybe not actually a couch potato but something similar… lazy, lump always on her laptop probably sums it up better.

Last year I put on a significant amount of weight I would tell you the number if I knew it but I don’t, so I won’t.

I just know dresses and skirts started to be my everyday attire because the thought of trying to squeeze into my jeans was much too much to even think about let alone do. So sometime maybe the middle of last year my good friend Groupon had a deal for a local bootcamp, I had been really wanting to get back into a workout routine and figured group exercise might be it for me so I bought it. I bought the Groupon for this bootcamp and decided that I would start the next camp session after I came home from Italy; so October.

I loved slash hated it I loved working out and getting my body moving but getting up t 4:30 am sucked and going to bed early sucked even more. I did bootcamp for awhile, then things with my migraines started getting worse and then I hurt my achilles tendon, as if all the physical things weren’t enough I started to get really frustrated with the bootcamp and the ethics and dynamics of it (I won’t even go there). So I stopped going to bootcamp and started going to the gym. Then I stopped going to the gym regularly even, then I just stopped. I got back into my ways of non-movement and bad eating and I gained about 14 pounds.

I am writing this because awhile back I read a blog post (which for reference sake I cannot find right now) about a girl who blogged her weight loss journey and it helped to keep her accountable. I am hoping that writing this will help to keep me in check. I promise to not be that annoying person who only talks about losing weight and eating salads. I don’t feel like what I am doing is any sort of journey,  but maybe somewhere along the line I will help to inspire or someone will help me to be inspired.

I am not yet prepared (mostly mentally) to put a number out there for the world to read and for the internet to keep forever but I can promise you that losing and gaining weight is something that I have struggled with for a good portion of my adult life. I yo-yo like no other; up, down, up down.. it is a vicious cycle. Right now I am up. And right now is the time I feel like I need to do something about it. June is halfway through the year, I tried and failed the first half of the year, why not come back and follow through with the things that I started.

Everyone falls off the wagon, but what you do after that is what matters; will you get back on or stay off?

I am choosing to get back on. I started working out again last week; I also have a workout buddy which makes working out early much easier. I find that working out in a group or with someone else makes the workouts easier to do and it helps to push me when I don’t want to keep going. I invested some money into workout books that help to make muscles and strength make more sense. The one that I just finished reading, is “A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength” by Irene Lewis-McCormick. This book is amazing, she breaks down how strength training works for a female’s body, myths on using weights, using proper form, and there are even several different workout programs that you can follow. Since I have been out of my gym routine for a while I am using the beginner workouts. I followed the program 5 days last week; strength and cardio; it was pretty much amazing, I still feel that great sore feeling after you’ve worked your body. One thing I wish that this book did discuss is nutrition, if it is one place that I fall short it is in nourishing my body.

I can gladly eat the same meals a hundred times over as long as no one around me has anything that might be remotely tempting. I am a huge sucker for crunchy things; chips mostly. I never was a soda drinker until Marlboro Man, which is weird because he always drinks diet and I like the real thing; Coke not Pepsi and NEVER diet. I love ice cream, I am not proud to admit this but I can eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in a single sitting, ice cream is my happy place. I need to find a book that discusses nutrition on a level that I can comprehend and that will teach me the proper way to eat. If you know of a book that does this please let me know, I will be forever grateful.

So I guess that is it for now, I am not sure that I really said much of anything; maybe this was a post for myself? Like I said to keep me accountable for me; at some point I will put that number down which will make me even more accountable.. soon.








Pinterest, have you heard of it? I sometimes wish I hadn’t, I go through these terrible phases where I can go weeks at a time without ever opening the app on my phone but then there are other phases I have where I just can’t get enough of it I’m on there as much as I can when I have free time. I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest; side note Marlboro Man makes fun of me for always being on Pinterest but I don’t hear him complain when Pinterest has a delicious recipe… mmm hmmm Pinterest 1 Marlboro Man 0

Sooo I’m recently in a crazy addict Pinterest phase. A couple of weeks ago I did two things ordered this super awesome shirt from Amazon that says ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” with a picture of a baseball diamond (I love baseball) and I came across a tutorial on t-shirt cutting. I had no idea at the time that these two things were meant to happen just days apart from each other.

I should probably confess now that Amazon is another one of my guilty pleasures. Why spend extra money and go out to the store when I can have it delivered to my door within two days? I never need to leave the house again!! (I swear I’m not a hermit)

I was on Amazon and saw the previously mentioned awesome shirt and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. When it did get here I was all sorts of excited and then I opened the package, barf! I’m all for unisex shirts and such but please don’t market a shirt for women as a women’s shirt and then send me a big, baggy, unisex shirt. I swear when I first put it on it looked like I was wearing a giant potato sack… not cute.

After committing to return the shirt, I started the return claim and all I remembered that my good buddy Pinterest just had a tutorial for refashioning or t-shirt cutting whichever suits your fancy. I decided that it really wasn’t worth the time or the effort to mail the shirt back so I decided to take a go at the t-shirt cutting, if it was a terrible job the shirt would become a sleep shirt or a gym shirt.

This is the awesome shirt in all of its unisex glory

This is the awesome shirt in all of its unisex glory

So the  tutorial I used to fix the shirt can be found here

I have to admit it was suuuuper simple, the only suggestions I might make are to make sure that you wash the shirt before hand; I believe the blogger mentions that but of course I didn’t do it. Also make sure that your scissors are sharp, I started out the project with dull ones and ended up with this weird scallop-esque pattern that really bothered my OCD so I had to take sharp scissors and clean it up a bit. Oh one more thing if you are super perfectionist just cutting without marking will kill you, I know it happened to me; one side looked shorter, or deeper  or whatever so I eventually gave in and used a light colored felt pen to mark where I wanted to cut more of the shirt off.

Simple cut the neck off

Simple cut the neck off



And the arms

And the arms

And because I got carried away and didn’t take pictures of the rest of the project you cut the bottom hem of the shirt off to use for tying later. Cut the neck as deep as you like, and cut a big V shape in the back. I know not the best instructions but I promise if you go to the link for the tutorial I read she explains it much better and with pictures!!  So I snipped here and there and finally came up with something that I was happy with, as of right now it is just a being lazy around the house shirt but I am not totally against wearing it to a summer day baseball game.


And this is the back.. yes I forgot to take a front picture, but I promise the back is the most exciting part. So my once frumpy, unisex shirt is now a little more fitted for my body and the back looks super fun. Have you refashioned anything that was not exactly to your liking? Show me.