Who breaks into a Prius?

So last week while I was at work my car was broken into; annoying.

I have never had my car broken into before and for obvious reasons it really bothered me, knowing that someone who wasn’t supposed to be in my car was in my car is very unsettling. What bothers me even more is that I had just returned from a trip to Northern California and my luggage (which obviously had all of my clothes inside) which had all of my clothes in it was stolen. It is very unsettling to know that some grimy thief has my under things in their possession. barf.

Who breaks into cars anymore really? I mean I feel like this is something that doesn’t happen as often as it used to. and to top it off who breaks into a Prius?! I mean seriously I work at a medical facility and there are wayyyyy nicer cars, with much nicer things in them than my dirty underthings and jeans. Don’t misunderstand me I am not by any means wishing that someone else’s car was broken into I am just saying really a Prius? How does that sound to all of your thief friends “Hey I broke into a Prius today” ugh.

When I came out from work and discovered that my car was broken into I had called Claremont PD to report it and they sent an officer out to check it out. I must say I am a little on the fence about authority figures such as police but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time and attention that the officer gave my situation, he literally spent a minimum of an hour and twenty minutes taking my statement, fingerprinting the car, and checking the area for any of my stuff that might have been tossed out. Really impressed I expected whatever officer that was assigned my call to just come out take my statement and leave, but this guy did more than I could have asked for.

I keep wishing that whoever did break into my car will realize that my fashion sense sucks and that my underthings aren’t their style and that they will just leave whatever they didn’t want back at my work. Having to replace clothes, luggage, makeup and everything else that was in my bags PLUS having to repair the window that they broke really adds up. I never realized how much crap I had until it was suddenly gone.

This situation really had me feeling like people suck, every single last person. But the next day one of my coworkers gifted me a little something to help me rebuild my belongings and the next day another and then this weekend Marlboro Man also did some nice things for me. And it made me realize that not all people suck just a couple handfuls and I am ridiculously lucky to have some really amazing people in my corner. I have people in my corner that have big hearts and are extremely gracious when they had no obligation to do anything for me.

The past couple of days have opened my eyes; shitty things happen (duh) and we can either sit and dwell or we can pick up the pieces and move on. I am not going to lie the first couple days I dwelled and I cried and I was angry but now I am starting to pick up the pieces and move forward. No panty stealing thief is going to get me down for too long because I know that the day will come when Karma will get them; it may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen, I have faith in that.

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500 Word Challenge


Recently I read an article to help writers be more active and disciplined in their craft; to reach a goal of 500 words per day. A challenge rather, to sit down everyday and just write; paying no mind to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Writing to just write; to achieve a daily word count of 500. 

(You can find the article here

I don’t claim to be a writer, but I like to write to get my thoughts out in the open. After reading this article I have decided to challenge myself. As you can see my blogging has been sporadic, I go lengths of time with no posts and then all of a sudden I am on a writing spree… 500 words how hard can that possibly be? (Currently I am at 128 words; not that I am counting)

I am not sure where my discipline has gone when it comes to writing. There are 3 things in my daily life that I do without alter; working out, working and sleeping… now if I could stop being so lazy and just sit down and write everyday.

Surely I cannot be the only person with this dilemma. Are there things in your life that you want to do but for whatever reason cannot seem to want to make the time to do them? I am sure I have a laundry list of things that I want to do but just let my laziness get the better of me.

Lately I feel that my life is so chaotic that the thought of doing something leisurely seems tasking. I love to read, crochet, run, paint, write, go hiking… this list could go on forever but really when do I have time for that stuff? As an adult that has a job, no husband, no kids, no school, how is it that I cannot find the time to do simple tasks? My life seems to be series of things I have to do instead of things that I want to do. I will probably have to make a challenge out of everything I want to do in order to make sure that it all gets accomplished in a timely manner.

How do you effectively manage your time; how do you juggle the things you have to do with the things that you want to do without burning yourself out? Let me know because really I am curious, If I could put more into my day without feeling drained that would be super awesome on all accounts.