Dinners Delivered, Lazy or Genius?

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So I just ordered 4 plates (or 2 dinners) from Plated  for Marlboro Man and I for this weekend.

Let me rewind a little…

When I came home from work I hopped on my laptop and as I was scrolling around social media I saw an advertisement for Plated, 4 plates and 3 months membership for “free”… too good to be true; nope totally true (you pay shipping and handling, $20). So I thought heck why not, some nights after work I am too tired or just plain lazy to sit in traffic to go to the grocery store, shop, drive home and cook.. too much for me on some Friday nights. I spend easily 3 times as much to make dinner for 2-3 nights for us on the weekends so whats twenty bucks.

I ordered Thyme-Rosemary Chicken with Winter vegetables and Moroccan Beef Tagine, although I must admit I am a little skeptical about the whole idea it is worth a shot. If you aren’t single or pair, you may not realize how much food you have to buy when you go to the grocery store and how much of it literally goes to waste. When I was living by myself I would literally throw away food left and right because grocery stores (aside from Fresh & Easy) do not really cater to single people or couples, everything is in huge quantities when being consumed by 1 or 2. I mean take a loaf of bread for instance, I cannot even remember the last time that I went through a whole loaf of bread before it went bad. Realistically I love carbs and bread but I can’t eat it before the mold gets to it; sure you can freeze bread but then by the time I remember I froze it it’s frost bitten and tastes like a freezer.. barf. Plated seems like a sensible way to get delicious dinners at a reasonable cost all the while reducing the waste that a 1 or 2 household brings.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.22.58 PM

So along with my free 4 plates I am also given 3 months membership to Plated so that means that if I get any plates within those 3 months that are at a discounted price versus someone who is a non-member.. it seemed to be about a $5-$8 dollar difference per plate ordered. Membership costs $10 per month so in the long run you do save a bit of money but realistically I don’t see myself using this kind of service for every weekend.

Would using this service every night or every weekend be the laziest thing ever? (keep in mind you do have to cook the food) or is it the most genius thing ever? I will let you know after this weekend has come and passed and I have made my four plates.

If you have used Plated or will decide to check it out on whim like myself please let me know what you got and your thoughts




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