Last month I decided that instead of creating a typical New Year’s Resolution that I was going to try each month to add something positive into my life while also taking something negative out of my life.

This month I have decided that I will start reading more. Reading more book, articles, magazines, journals, etc. I feel that this add-on goes along with my constant desire to be learning something new and filling my brain with as much information as humanly possible, because after all whether I am physically in school or not I am a lifer when it comes to education.

As far as subtracting from my life goes I have decided that I need to have less stress, I know this is easier said than done, but when it comes down to it who doesn’t need less stress in their life? I have realized that although caring is good, I have come to care WAY too much about things that really should matter way less than they do currently. My stress levels have been off the charts. Along with stress  comes gnarly migraines and the world knows that I could use a lot less of those as well. So in an effort to help my head out I am trying my hardest to eliminate stress and live day to day not fretting about the next; tomorrow is not guarenteed so their is no reason that I need to worry about it so much. To help myself stress less I have been doing more yoga and exercising more consistently, I have found that exercise and yoga help me to blow off steam as well as to meditate and both make my brain very happy.

What are some ways that you allow yourself to reduce stress? Does reading a book help? What are you reading?




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