No Reservations

Happy New Year! (A little late but you know I got started late this year)

It has been so long since I have blogged, yet again, that I was having a hard time sitting down and just writing something.

I have decided that although I do not dig the resolutions that most set for themselves this time of year, mostly because I feel that 99% of resolutions made are never kept or kept for a very short period of time. We set these ridiculous rules or guidelines for ourselves that we honestly do not give ourselves the chance to succeed.

What I have decided is that each month I will either add something positive in and take something unneccesary or negative out of my life. This just seems like a win-win situation if you ask me.

For January I have decided that I need to blog more, 2+ times a week if possible, since having graduated I can tell that there is a decline in my desire to write and my writing skills; blogging will keep me sharp and ready. I also decided to give up sugar.. and I am starting to resemble the alien from Men in Black who wants “more sugar” in his water.. giving up sugar is a crazy, pure crazy and you can’t possibly understand how crazy it is until you do it.. sugar is in EVERYTHING and I mean that literally try finding bread at the market that doesn’t have sugar, your options are very, very small. But I must admit that although I get a little mean minus the sweets I do notice that my body is much happier.

You know how you always hear people say “this is my year”? Well I have also decided that this year is MY year, the year that I get the physical fitness that I have desired for so long but haven’t ever really wanted enough to work for it (blogs on that will totally be happening), a new job or at least a step in the right direction, a new living situation because quite frankly I am too old to be living back at home, and a new mindset. I cannot control everything in the universe, although I will sometimes try this is the year that I let things happen as they will, sit back and enjoy the show while making this year be the year that I become the person that I am meant to be. Oh! I also am all about mending past and present relationships or circumstances that were left in an undesirable manner, I do not want any bad juju or karma in my life.

This is the year of no reservations, getting it done.

What will you do?




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