Lately my favorite


Lately my favorite thing to do is wake up and water my little orchid plant. I used to be really freaked out by these plants for some reason, mostly the speckle ones they looked like some sort of bug and a little spooky. What I love most about these plants is that they constantly remind me that even in the toughest situations good can come from it. That sounds a little silly I am sure, but orchids are picky plants they grow only in certain environments and honestly they grow best when they aren’t really messed with. I feel like that is the state I am in, I am in a new place by myself and I feel like this move is helping me grow in more ways than I could have imagined. I know I haven’t been on my own for very long, but it is nice. I am learning more about me then I could have imagined possible. Living at home I was crabby and really didn’t care about much, now I find that I am happier than I can remember being. I enjoy coming home. I especially enjoy the time alone with my own thoughts. I am glad that I made this decision for myself and I am glad that I have my pretty orchid to wake up to every morning.


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