So after much neglect I am back, last week I took a mini trip to the city of Lost Wages with Chris we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, I have never stayed here and honestly I was quite impressed. The room we stayed in was Jimi Hendrix themed, it was a nice simple black and white room (Chris said it was lacking some purple) with a super comfy bed. Overall it was a nice hotel experience and I honestly think I do not want to stay anywhere else when I go back, there is so much memorabilia in this hotel and it is all super neat regardless of how you feel about the artist who’s gear or clothes it was.

I have decided in my ripe old age that I do not care for Vegas as much as I used to. I do enjoy the black jack tables and the spectacle that is the strip but I feel like I have outgrown that binge drinking and staying up til the sun comes up stage. More than a few days there and I am getting antsy to get home. I do not enjoy going back to the room at night and feeling like I need to shower because my clothes and hair smell horribly of cigarettes and cheap perfumes.


In my little absence from the blog I feel that I have decided I mostly want to make this a visual thing, I am trying to pick up the camera more, and I feel this is a perfect outlet to get my pictures out there and maybe talk a little bit about them, but this does not completely rule out the complete nothing but ranting blog.


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