Foodie Gadgets

Keeping with the topic of food (for now) I need to tell you of another gadget that I got and love.

My ceramic knife.


I have been eying a ceramic knife set for the longest but couldn’t justify spending the money on it, so one day I was at Marshall’s (of all places to find a knife) and came across this little guy for $15 bucks so I decided to get it. Palm isn’t too bad of a brand and it definitley gets the job done.

Friday we had a going away party for a coworker and I made my secret recipe salsa and it cut through everything like a champ, with the assistance of my ninja 🙂


I had to hide what my secret recipe is but I wanted to show you what I needed to chop up and that little knife did the trick, it cut through the tomatoes like butter (I learned that the ninja does not do tomatoes unless you want a puree) and the cilantro was a piece of cake.


I have been neglecting my homework, and just signed a lease to be out on my own so expect short posts until I get myself situated again.

Until next time…



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